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Process Instruments B.V.
Spoelsterstraat 82 b
7481 KH Haaksbergen NL
Tel:  +31 (0)53 574 39 75
  Provider Of Analytical Innovative Instrumentation
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The 8001 E-net combines the outstanding quality of Systech’s Oxygen Permeation Analyser with a unique, online ‘Remote ConsultantTM’ capability. Barrier Film PET Bottles Containers Canisters Flexible pouches Bags can be measured Conforms to: ASTM D-3985 ISO 15105-2 DIN 53380 JIS K-7126 F2622-08.
Systech Instruments Ltd

Een wereldwijde producent van vocht-, gas- en zuurstof analysers voor toepassingen in een breed scala van industrieën.
Leveranciers van Process Instruments
Systech Permeation Analysers - Performance You Can Trust Oxygen and Water Vapour permeation analysers, developed from Systech Instruments’ decades of experience in gas analysis. Using the ultimate in oxygen and moisture sensor technology, to give you precise accurate measurements over the widest possible range for maximum efficiency in your laboratory. Systech analysers give you confidence in every measurement: mass flow control, precise temperature control and full control of relative humidity simulate every climatic condition, allowing for research and production testing with a single instrument.
Systech WVTR analysers utilise our well proven electrolytic (coulometric) sensors. Based on Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis, a fundamental physical principle, these sensors offer a rapid response and very low level moisture detection, giving the Model 7002 the capability to analyse very high barrier films and packages. Combining the advantages of our other analysers, including gas calibration, fast response and smart control software the Systech 7002 gives you control of all your WVTR testing requirements and unbeatable value for money.
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