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Process Instruments B.V.
Spoelsterstraat 82 b
7481 KH Haaksbergen NL
Tel:  +31 (0)53 574 39 75
  Provider Of Analytical Innovative Instrumentation
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Leveranciers van Process Instruments
The 8002 oxygen transmission rate analyser provides the ultimate in oxygen permeation analysis.  The 8002 uses our coulometric oxygen sensor, offering many advantages. Our single sensor gives you simple measurement of the highest barrier films and packages, and the widest measuring range available in the marketplace. The 8002 offers you stability, reliability and repeatability, and requires only industrial grade nitrogen (no more hydrogen mixes). The 8002 saves time and cuts costs. Conforming to ASTM D-3985 the results from the 8002 can be easily compared to historical permeation data.
The proprietary sensor design of the 8501 allows for extremely fast, accurate results. In a head-to-head comparison between the 8501 and its competitors, the 8501 was proven to be up to 4 times faster. With a purge time of only 30 minutes and test times as short as 20 minutes, the 8501 is a must for high volume production facilities.
When you need fast and reliable oxygen permeation testing for multiple bottles, packages, or films the 8700 provides you with the ultimate solution. It can test films or packages over 11 to 66 test stations with an Ultra fast high production throughput. Based on our proven oxygen transmission rate (OTR) instrumentation range, the versatility of the 8700 oxygen permeation analyzer allows oxygen permeation tests on multiple bottles, packages or films.
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Systech Instruments Ltd

Een wereldwijde producent van vocht-, gas- en zuurstof analysers voor toepassingen in een breed scala van industrieën.