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Process Instruments B.V.
Spoelsterstraat 82 b
7481 KH Haaksbergen NL
Tel:  +31 (0)53 574 39 75
  Provider Of Analytical Innovative Instrumentation
Onze website is continue onder constructie. Eventuele op- of aanmerkingen stellen wij zeer op prijs.
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Systech Instruments Ltd

Een wereldwijde producent van vocht-, gas- en zuurstof analysers voor toepassingen in een breed scala van industrieën.
Leveranciers van Process Instruments
Program your application gas for Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Carbon Monoxide, Argon, Nitrogen and many other gases.
The Model 542 is a versatile, programmable gas analyser, based on the principles of thermal conductivity, capable of measuring almost any combination of gases. The instrument is especially suitable for measurements of mixtures containing hydrogen or helium.
The Nitrosave control system combined with a state of the art trace and percent oxygen  measurement technology offers cost of ownership with pay back times in Nitrogen savings within a few years. The NitroSave oxygen control system monitors and adjusts atmospheres in soldering machines and heat treatment furnaces, saving nitrogen, cutting costs and improving process control.
The EC91 Process Oxygen Transmitter will detect levels of oxygen as low as 1ppm, up to high percent levels and can be used on most industrial gases and atmospheres. There is no need for routine maintenance of the fuel cell and the instrument can be easily calibrated, using ambient air or standard calibration samples.
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