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Process Instruments B.V.
Spoelsterstraat 82 b
7481 KH Haaksbergen NL
Tel:  +31 (0)53 574 39 75
  Provider Of Analytical Innovative Instrumentation
Onze website is continue onder constructie. Eventuele op- of aanmerkingen stellen wij zeer op prijs.
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Leveringsprogramma van Process Instruments
Systech 3750 Process O2/CO2 Analyser
For the simultaneous measurement of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in all types of processes, gas blending, biotech and other systems, Systech Instruments’ 3750 Process Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide Analyser is designed for the simultaneous measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide in all types of processes; gas blending, biotech and other systems. Incorporating separate, high quality sensors to perform these measurements. The instrument can be calibrated to ambient air or standard calibration samples, and is capable of providing accurate analysis in almost all industrial gases and atmospheres.